ADVANCE= specifier

Standard: F77 F90 F95 F2003 F2008 Example program


ADVANCE = expression

The ADVANCE= specifier may appear only as a ci-spec in a formatted READ or WRITE statement.

The expression must be a scalar character expression that evaluates to 'YES' or 'NO'. Case is not important (so 'no', 'No' and 'nO' are all treated as 'NO').


Specifies whether a formatted input/output statement is advancing or nonadvancing. The default is advancing.

For a nonadvancing output statement, the record is not terminated at the end of the output statement and additional characters may be written by a subsequent output statement. For a nonadvancing input statement, the rest of the record is not skipped at the end of the input statement and may be read by a subsequent input statement.

Nonadvancing output may be used to write a “prompt” to the console, this will allow subsequent input on the same line.


EOR= specifier, READ statement, SIZE= specifier, WRITE statement