ATAN intrinsic function

Standard: F77 F90 F95 F2003 F2008 Example program


ATAN ( X )
or ATAN ( Y, X )

X : Real or Complex;
Y : Conformable with X, same type and kind as X, which must be Real if Y is present; the NAG Fortran Compiler also permits Y to have a different kind (this is non-standard);

Result : Same type as X, with kind the same as that of X+Y.


The value of the result is an approximation to the arc tangent of X, in radians. Like many intrinsic functions, this is elemental; the result has the same shape as X, with the operation being applied elementwise.

If X is of type Real, the result is in radians in the range −π/2≤ATAN(X)≤π/2. If X is of type Complex, the real part of the result is in radians, in the range −π/2≤REAL(ATAN(X))≤π/2.

The 2-argument form, ATAN ( Y, X ), is identical to ATAN2 ( Y, X ).


ATAN2 intrinsic function, ATANH intrinsic function, TAN intrinsic function