ID= specifier

Standard: F77 F90 F95 F2003 F2008 F2018


ID = expression

The expression must be a scalar integer expression. ID= is permitted in the INQUIRE, READ, WAIT and WRITE statements. In the READ and WRITE statements, the expression must be a variable designator, and is only permitted with ASYNCHRONOUS='YES'.


The ID= specifier identifies an asynchronous input/output operation; in the asynchronous READ and WRITE statements, it is assigned a value identifying that operation. In the INQUIRE statement, it identifies the operation pertaining to the PENDING= specifier. In the WAIT statement, it identifies the operation to be waited on.

Note that in INQUIRE and WAIT, the value must be one that was assigned in the ID= clause of an asynchronous READ or WRITE, and one that has not been previously waited on.

Note that in the INQUIRE statement, if PENDING= returns .TRUE. then the ID= value has implicitly been waited on.


ASYNCHRONOUS attribute, ASYNCHRONOUS= specifier, INQUIRE statement, PENDING= specifier, READ statement, WRITE statement