ISHFTC intrinsic function
Standard: F77 F90 F95 F2003 F2008
  Example Program


I : Integer;
SHIFT : Integer, conformable with I, ABS(SHIFT)≤BIT_SIZE(I);
SIZE : Integer, conformable with I and SHIFT, SHIFT≤SIZE≤BIT_SIZE(I);

Result : Same type and kind as I.


The value of the result is obtained by circularly shifting the rightmost SIZE bits of I to the left SHIFT times; if SHIFT is negative, the shift is to the right. If SIZE is absent, the result is as if it were present with the value BIT_SIZE(I), i.e. all the bits of I are circularly shifted.

This is an elemental function; if any argument is an array the result is an array of the same shape, with the ISHFTC operation being applied elementwise.

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