POINTER attribute
Standard: F77 F90 F95 F2003
  Example Program
type, POINTER [ , attr ] :: decl-list

POINTER [ :: ] ptr-decl [ , ptr-decl ]...

ptr-decl ::= name [ ( deferred-shape ) ]

The POINTER attribute specifies that an entity is a pointer. At runtime, a pointer may be associated with a target (by allocation or pointer assignment), may be disassociated (by NULLIFY or by pointer assignment from another disassociated pointer) or it may have undefined association status. A pointer that is not associated must not be referenced or defined.

A pointer that is an array has its rank specified (by a deferred shape spec), but it has no bounds or shape until it is associated with a target array.

A pointer can only become associated with variables that have the TARGET attribute. Allocating a pointer creates a new variable that implicitly has the TARGET attribute.

In Fortran 2003, a character pointer can have “deferred length”, specified by a length type parameter of ‘:’. Such a pointer has no length until it is associated with a target.

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