SELECTED_REAL_KIND intrinsic function
Standard: F77 F90 F95 F2003 F2008

P : scalar Integer;
R : scalar Integer;
RADIX : scalar Integer;

Result : scalar Integer with default kind.
The SELECTED_REAL_KIND intrinsic function returns the kind number for a Real type that has a precision of at least P (if P is present) and a decimal exponent range of at least R (if R is present), and a radix of RADIX (if RADIX is present). At least one argument must be present. If more than one kind satisfies the condition, the one with the smallest precision is returned.

If no kind satisfies the condition, the value −1 is returned to indicate that P could not be satisfied, −2 indicates that R could not be satisfied, −3 indicates that neither P nor R could be satisfied, and −4 indicates that both P and R could be satisfied but not both at once.

Component definition statement, PRECISION intrinsic function, RADIX intrinsic function, RANGE intrinsic function, REAL type, SELECTED_INT_KIND intrinsic function, Type declaration statement