UCOBOUND intrinsic function

Standard: F77 F90 F95 F2003 F2008 Example program



COARRAY : coarray of any type and corank N;
DIM : scalar Integer in the range 1 to N;
KIND : scalar Integer constant expression;

Result : Integer or Integer(Kind=KIND).


If DIM appears, the result is scalar, being the value of the upper cobound of that codimension of COARRAY. If DIM does not appear, the result is a vector of length N containing all the upper cobounds of COARRAY. The actual argument for DIM must not itself be an optional dummy argument.

Note that if COARRAY has corank N>1, and the number of images in the current execution is not an integer multiple of the coextents up to codimension N−1, the images do not make a full rectangular pattern. In this case, the value of the last upper cobound is the maximum value that a cosubscript can take for that codimension; e.g. with a coarray-spec of [1:3,1:*] and four images in the execution, the last upper cobound will be equal to 2 because the cosubscripts [1,2] are valid even though [2,2] and [2,3] are not.


CODIMENSION attribute, LCOBOUND intrinsic function